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All because of Starbucks

All because of Starbucks

Many of you have asked how Chase and I met.  Well, very simply put, it's all because of Starbucks.

I have worked at Target HQ for 5 years now.  I was very adamant that I would not fall into the Target relationship trap.  I was also very adamant that I met everyone there was to meet in Minneapolis. 

Just about a year ago I got a new phone.  I was quick to download Instagram, however not much else was added.  A few months later I decided to download Facebook. Well, I had some messages in my inbox.  

One read:

“Hey Trish, not my first choice to do this over Facebook but I've seen you around target a few times and think you're really cute. Would you want to get drinks sometime?” 

I looked him up in the Target directory — didn’t recognize him and I didn’t know anyone on his team. His Facebook was very private, so I didn’t get much information. We had “mutual friends,” but only one that could be of any help — my friend Molly’s husband Ben.  I quickly texted Molly and said, “Who is this!?”  She said, “No idea, I’ll ask Ben.” 

Turns out Ben and Chase went on a golf trip together and “Chase was a nice guy.”

Not totally sure what got me to respond and take a chance, but I did.  As you can see from my initial response (photo below), I didn’t have much to say and avoided his question….but, apparently my “game” was pretty good if it got me this far!

I agreed to meet Chase for a glass of wine at the Hewing Hotel on a Tuesday evening.  

T: So, tell me how you know me?

C: I’ve seen you in the Great Hall several times.  Every time I saw you, I asked the people I’m with if they knew you…. No one did.  You were always happy and lighting up the group around you.

T: Okay…

C: So, do you really want to know?

T: Yes!

C: We were both standing in line at Starbucks… I was just a couple people behind you.

T: Why didn’t you say something!

C: Well, I waited and heard them call your name.  I went back to my desk and told my team I found out her name!  We looked in the directory and luckily there were only four people named Trish.

Stalker or Determined?!  Cute or Creepy?! 

To me, this meant all the time and money I spent at Starbucks was paying off! 

One glass of wine turned into three, and the following Sunday I invited Chase to my brother’s wedding in Colorado…

Nothing but joy since the 30th of May.

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